Oklahoma State University
Adrienne A. Redmond, Ph.D.

School of Teaching and Curriculum Leadership
Assistant Professor

    Research Interests

  • Teaching and Learning of Division of Fractions
  • Prospective Elementary Teachers' Content Knowledge
  • Effectiveness of Standards-Based Curriculum
  • The impact of lab school experiences on teacher attrition rates, teacher mathematics content knowledge, and teacher attitudes at the primary and intermediate levels
  • Increasing middle school students interest and readiness for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers
  • The impact of technology on mathematics learning
  • Equity issues in mathematics (mathematics for all, social justice and ethnomathematics)
  • Algebra readiness
  • Fraction development of children in the Primary Grades Impact of Sharing Tasks
  • Developing multiplicative reasoning in the Primary Grades

Address: 230 Willard Hall
Address: Oklahoma State University
Address: Stillwater, OK 74078

email: adrienne.redmond@okstate.edu

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